Tekton Design Ulfberht Review…

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For immediate release
June 2nd 2017

Tekton Design LLC – we’ve completed the design phase of the patented Ulfberht loudspeaker and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce a forthcoming review by Terry London. Terry’s review pair are being produced now.

Eric Alexander – Designer


Double Impact Review

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“With his patented design, Alexander has brought to market one of the greatest musical speakers that you can purchase regardless of price–yet he’s offering it for an unbelievably reasonable price. HomeTheaterReview.com publisher Jerry Del Colliano gave me an excellent term to describe the Double Impact Speaker: he refers to such a component as a “disruptive product” in that it so radically snaps the ratio of cost to performance that it skews the market to the point that it would be irrational to spend a lot of money for far less performance.” – Terry London


Tekton Uruz is back…

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The Tekton Design Uruz is back. Priced at $1200 per pair delivered – within the continental US. Please contact us directly to order this model.


Forthcoming Double Impact Professional Review by Terry London

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We’re thrilled to have the first pair of Double Impacts on deck for professional review and scrutiny. Terry has been kind enough to share a few images of his setup and provide initial impressions:

“Eric had communicated with me his excitement/joy for the last year and a half regarding his new revolutionary speaker design, he was waiting for his U.S. patent to be approved, that he was starting to build into his speaker models. He sent me for review a pair of standard Double Impacts, $3,000.00, and I have to share that with first listening session I was patently shocked at the performance of this speaker! The Double Impact Speakers were not just great for the money or price point, they are world class reference level speakers, regardless of price! I have had as my reference speaker for over five years a highly regarded $19,000.00 transducer that was outperformed by the Double Impacts in all important sonic parameters. The Double Impact Speakers are amazing at creating the illusion of real music with all the purity of the colors of instruments, space/air, and the “pop” and dynamics that you find in live music.”  -Terry London

Orange Pendragon’s Available…

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I have a beautiful pair of orange Pendragon’s available here ready to ship – $2K delivered. I’d call it a soft color tone match to a Harley Davidson orange. Please email or call me directly to make the purchase. Add $75 for the grilles. Eric Alexander 801-836-0764


New Enzo Model

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We’re thrilled to announce a new Enzo Loudspeaker Model. Incorporating elements of US patent 9247339. Available now and priced at $2K delivered. Please call or email directly to order.


Hear what you’ve been missing . . . In fact, hear what everyone’s been missing…

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Press Release:


There is a sense of satisfaction that happens when you tie a knot. In the bringing of two different pieces or ends of a string together, you are not only bringing together parts that weren’t connected before, but you are creating something new. In the history of knot-tying, one knot in particular, the Hunter’s Bend, showcases this process of inventing.


In his childhood, English doctor Edward Hunter, tied his broken shoelaces together in a very simple variation of a knot. Throughout his teenage years, it never occurred to Hunter that his knot-tying method could take London and the world by storm. However, when a friend told him that the knot was unique, Hunter went public with his new knot and the story was published on the front page of the leading London newspaper, The Times. A simple new way to tie two pieces of rope together revolutionized knot tying and in part caused the International Guild of Knot Tyers to be formed in the 1970s.


At Tekton Design, we have been inventing new speaker technology since our company founded in 2005. And this year, we are going public with one of our new designs. Like Hunter’s knot that simply tied broken shoelaces together, our brand new patented technology that we are unveiling isn’t complex, but it makes all the difference. We are designing and bringing together parts in a way that has never been done before.


Our revolutionary U.S. patent #9247339 (issued January 26th, 2016) allows us to literally align the moving mass of speaker cones to the harmonic spectra of the musical instruments being played. This means that, in theory, we’ve now made every other high fidelity loudspeaker on earth obsolete in one fell swoop!


Revolutionarily simple, and still taking the world by storm.