Forthcoming Double Impact Professional Review by Terry London

We’re thrilled to have the first pair of Double Impacts on deck for professional review and scrutiny. Terry has been kind enough to share a few images of his setup and provide initial impressions:

“Eric had communicated with me his excitement/joy for the last year and a half regarding his new revolutionary speaker design, he was waiting for his U.S. patent to be approved, that he was starting to build into his speaker models. He sent me for review a pair of standard Double Impacts, $3,000.00, and I have to share that with first listening session I was patently shocked at the performance of this speaker! The Double Impact Speakers were not just great for the money or price point, they are world class reference level speakers, regardless of price! I have had as my reference speaker for over five years a highly regarded $19,000.00 transducer that was outperformed by the Double Impacts in all important sonic parameters. The Double Impact Speakers are amazing at creating the illusion of real music with all the purity of the colors of instruments, space/air, and the “pop” and dynamics that you find in live music.”  -Terry London

5 Responses to “Forthcoming Double Impact Professional Review by Terry London”

  1. I can’t wait to hear a real review on the DI’s!

    I’ve owned the Pendragons for about two months now, and they are amazing! The do lust after those DI’s though…

  2. I’m anxious to get Terry’s take on these. I’m thoroughly enjoying my Sigmas but I have another room upstairs….

  3. Hoping to be an owner of a DI 5.1.4 system soon! They sounded great in Eric’s warehouse but can only imagine how well they’ll perform in a dedicated listening studio

  4. Still waiting for Quadruple Impact, but will settle for a Triple Lindy 🙂

  5. Luis A Perez Says:

    Had the pendragon’s and order these DI from Eric. I thought I was going to have a hard time getting the Pens out of the room. Had them both side by side and said good by to the Pens in about 30 min of listening. The Pens where close, but the DI are more sensitive and the DI had that midrange notes that I didnt know the Pens didnt have until I heard these. They are both amazing but the DI are just a step above the Pens.

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