Tekton Uruz is back…

The Tekton Design Uruz is back. Priced at $1200 per pair delivered – within the continental US. Please contact us directly to order this model.



10 Responses to “Tekton Uruz is back…”

  1. Don’t see you use a tweeter like that very often. Why not the new 7 tweeter array?
    Is there a larger Uruz in the works?

  2. Would to see a Wide Baffle speaker that’s not 10 feet tall from Tekton. See DeVore 0/96 for example. I would be all over that like….

  3. Ted Chagaris Says:

    That is wonderful news! Truly a remarkable speaker. I purchased a pair in back 2008 and had many a transformational listening sessions. Myself and another Tekton Uruz owner would email each other back and forth, reminding each other that we could trust our hearing. The common theme was ‘are they this good for this price!?’ Anyway, great to hear. But I have to wonder, same drivers? same crossover design?, same crossover point? (could have been a little higher to my ears. Congrats on re-introducing a great speaker!

  4. Michael Panucci Says:

    Do a bookshelf version please!

  5. William Carroll Says:

    What are the dimensions & complete specs of this speaker?

    • They are coming soon. Think of it as a Lore with a ribbon tweeter swap.

      39″ tall x 12″ wide x 13″ deep

      • William Carroll Says:

        So Lore Freq. Res. is 30Hz – 30kHz. How does the ribbon tweeter affect this? Also, is xover same or different?
        “Coming soon;” Like a week, month? 6 months?

  6. Please call me directly to discuss. Eric

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