Double Impact Review

“With his patented design, Alexander has brought to market one of the greatest musical speakers that you can purchase regardless of price–yet he’s offering it for an unbelievably reasonable price. publisher Jerry Del Colliano gave me an excellent term to describe the Double Impact Speaker: he refers to such a component as a “disruptive product” in that it so radically snaps the ratio of cost to performance that it skews the market to the point that it would be irrational to spend a lot of money for far less performance.” – Terry London


3 Responses to “Double Impact Review”

  1. AMAZING. Makes me want to sell my Pens and upgrade to the DIs!

  2. While Terry’s review might sound to good to be true it’s spot on…..yes, the DI’s are THAT good!

  3. I have always been a huge fan of line array speakers, even for the home. I wonder how they would compare as typically a narrower dispersion pattern is what designers tend to make?

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