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Ulfberht’s Available In Soft Gloss…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2018 by tektondesign


We now have soft-gloss black Ulfberht PMD’s finished and ready to ship for $9K per pair delivered.
The patented Ulfberht is flat-out one of the best sounding loudspeakers ever devised and Ron Cook at Stereo Times says: “If you are shopping for a loudspeaker that delivers the performance of the Ulfberhts and you don’t buy them – be prepared to shop in the six-figure price range. They are THAT good! 
The patented Tekton Design Ulfberht is our ‘flagship’ model designed to be produced and sold in large numbers over being overpriced and admired by few. I can assure you the Ulf will not be too big for your room either; the Ulf is a large format loudspeaker (big in size) with low frequency optimization producing spectacular results in the average sized room. In other words… It’s not going to acoustically overload your 14’x 16′ room, it’s going to sound magical!
Call or email us and get your order in today. 
Eric Alexander – audio designer