Pendragon Options and Upgrades – Avalable Immediately

We’re pleased to announce the availability of a newly designed high-output 4 Ohm impedance version of the Pendragon. We’ve also added a new front firing vent option for closeup front-wall placement and home theater applications. Both the new 4 Ohm high-output and front vent options have stellar fidelity and performance.

New Pendragon options available:

  • Newly designed 4 Ohm high-output Pendragon – $50 pair additional
  • Front firing vents for 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm versions – specify at no additional cost
  • ClarityCap PX upgrade for 8 Ohm Pendragon – $50 pair
  • ClarityCap PX upgrade for 4 Ohm Pendragon – $65 pair
  • Mundorf Silver-Oil Capacitor upgrade for 8 Ohm Pendragon – $365 pair
  • Mundorf Silver-Oil Capacitor Upgrade for 4 Ohm Pendragon – $440 pair
  • High-gloss piano or automotive finish in any color – $500 pair
  • Cardas silver rhodium binding posts – $75 pair
  • Silver coated copper teflon internal wiring – $100 pair

Please note: we’re updating the site with new options now. If you do not see these options available on the ‘Buy Now’ drop down menu please call or email us directly to add any of these options

Eric Alexander

President Tekton Design LLC

4 Responses to “Pendragon Options and Upgrades – Avalable Immediately”

  1. Eric, why would you reduce efficiency from 8 to 4 ohm? One of the reasons I purchased your product was the 8ohm, high db rating. Some of my friends followed my lead purchasing your product for similar reasons, plus your speakers sound great. Please do no fall in to the trap of the 4 ohm world. Another reason is I’m a tube guy and especially like the ability to match SET with your speakers. I tout you and your speakers constantly on Audiogon because your speakers are a great sounding, cost effective way of making it possible for us low-powered tube guys to enjoy the music. Please do not abandon the easy 8 ohm load and high efficiency of your speakers. Best, Rob

    • Hello Rob,

      Thanks for your post. For starters the new 4 Ohm version of the Pendragon is no “sensitivity” reduction. In fact, when mated to the proper amplifier it has the potential to both play and perform to a higher level than the 8 Ohm version and Tekton is all about this type of performance. Both speakers sound near identical. Please understand that fully half or more of the Pendragon’s we build go into home theaters were there isn’t a tube amplifier in sight; you should hear what a full 7.2 Pendragon home theater can do… it’s powerful and awesome! Pendragon’s in a 20’ x 30’ dedicated home theater literally makes the local IMAX theater sound like a toy.

      A bit of Tekton history is necessary here. The first and original Pendragons were all 4 Ohm models designed and intended to be driven by large solid state amplifiers with what I’d estimate to be a 50/50 duty application model. I’d say about half for 2 channel audiophiles and half for home theater installations. Within a few months and after a few requests from ‘flea sized’ low wattage tube owners for an 8 Ohm version I introduced the 8 Ohm model. It worked well and I made the full-time switch to 8 Ohms. We’ve had many past requests for the 4 Ohm model, it’s back, entirely revoiced, and sounding better than ever.

      While the 8 ohm version is ideally suited for nearly all tube systems, please know that Pendragon owners cover the spectrum and everyone isn’t driving Pendragons with tubes. I also know of great tube designs ideally suited for 4 Ohm loudspeakers. In my mind, the 8 Ohm model and the 4 Ohm versions are simply 2 seperate tools in my audio toolbox and I’m anxious to help my clients determine which version is ideally suited for them.

      Best regards,

      Eric Alexander

  2. I just saw today that my Pennies are about to rain down from heaven. I can’t wait until they get here. I am most excited to see that Mercedes Black paint job and hear the dragons breathe some fire into my soul! Thank you Eric for your dedication to the art of noise and the relatively quick turn around for a custom built AMERICAN made product. My tube gear took a number of months in production by contrast.

  3. Hey Eric,

    Great seeing that you’re constantly improving your already great speakers and adding more options. As much as I love my Enzo’s I think I want to try one of your 10″ transducer speakers…..the Enzo XL or maybe the new Lore Impulse ( the Pendragons are too tall for my room), are these options available for all your speakers?


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