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Not built by girls in China…

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5 years have transpired and things really haven’t changed much – originally posted on October 4th, 2009

TEKTON DESIGN: Not built by girls in China1 – WHY YOU SHOULD BUY FROM US

First: Tekton Design loudspeakers are not built by 18-year-old girls on assembly lines in China who have the very minimum skills to do a single menial task in the name of hi-fi.

Second: Our products are something we are proud of. We’re doing our very best to bring you precisely hand-crafted and perfectly executed systems, and we do this at a price point that we can proudly say fits within truly affordable hi-fi!

Third: We’re truly setting ourselves apart. In the under $1k price range for speaker systems, we’re offering products that compete in a market in which 90% of our completion literally has no bona fide or legitimate argument/explanation for its presence as one of our competitors. One of my closest friends stated it perfectly: “The greatest thing about speaker building is that anyone can do it and be successful, but the worst thing about speaker building is that anyone can do it and be successful!” This paradox is real. Think about it… Asian manufacturing coupled with big marketing is king. Their stuff is produced in the tens of thousands and is offered to the masses. Where are their personal skills and talents? Nearly all of my competitors have no real background in loudspeaker design and innovation… they aren’t acoustical brainiacs, nor are they craftsmen. They lack the intellectual property and patents. They’re simply entrepreneurs that specialize in what lawyers and insurance companies have coined best: “One call… That’s all!” That is, the “entrepreneur” calls an international vendor, places an order for the “best sounding” and “lowest possible priced” speaker systems that the vendor can produce. Quality sacrificed.

Please spread the word about Tekton Design…

Best regards,

Eric Alexander
CEO & President, Tekton Design, llc


  1. I’ve worked in China. The top 10 consumer brands are built on assembly lines made up of girls in China. I’ve watched their stuff come off the assembly line and be stuffed into boxes bearing the labels of the brand logos you know.

Emerald Blue Mini-Lore’s…

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Fantastic new color that we can apply to any model in the lineup. One pair of emerald blue Mini-Lore’s available – boxed and ready to ship… $670 + flat shipping (add $50 for grille set). Please call or email to order.

Mini-Lore Emerald Blue

New Lore 2.0 VS Original Lore…

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I’m pleased to announce the new Tekton Design Lore 2.0. The Lore 2.0 is an exercise in high sensitivity, high output, with roots firmly grounded in pro audio and cross-platformed to dovetail into the world of hi-fi! I’ve implemented a new titanium tweeter with new voicing (minor X-over tweaks). The result is a fantastic new 10″ based Lore model with great fidelity and linearity.

At the foundation is a matched set of world-famous (at least in professional music circles) Eminence Legend full-range transducers. Transducers that are on average 10dB higher in efficiency and capable of handling much higher Wattage than the conventional hi-fi transducer. When turned up, Lore has weighty house rattling, fast-attacking, and defined bass. Warm and full mid-range tones with stellar clear upper mid-range. On the flip side is the ability to produce all of the subtle nuances that demanding hi-fi requires.

I guarantee this is the best-sounding loudspeaker of its type that can be purchased at this price!

I’m offering this model for a limited time (until it picks up some serious steam) at $900 + shipping. Blog comments welcomed… inquires welcomed… place your order today.

Note: I’ve been inundated with inquiry’s about choosing between the original Lore or Lore 2.0. Both are neck and neck in performance. They are each voiced similarly. Neither version will be going away any time soon and one is $100 less. Go with the new Lore 2.0 if value is your highest priority.


Best regards,

Eric Alexander
Tekton Design, LLC