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Dear Tekton Clients…

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Re: Speaker Grilles

Dear Tekton Design Loudspeaker Owners:

I have 3 beautiful sons age 10, 8 and 4. I love them with all of my heart. These little men are my entire world! However, on 7 February 2011, my world was rocked by tragedy.  Almost 4 years ago to the day, my precious sons were kidnapped from me by my (now former) wife in Washington State. My sons are still gone and it is day 1453. I have repeatedly appealed to the FBI, the courts, the police, detectives, and prosecutors for relief —all to no avail. As of today, I believe that only a divine miracle will place my missing sons in my arms again. Becoming a victim of spousal/parental child abduction has been hardest thing for me to endure—it has become the most intense trial of my life. And, however hard it has been for me, my sons have had the hardest part of all. As part of the tragedy, a divorce petition was filed on 16 November 2012. Unfortunately, this petition included a court-issued financial Restraining Order that prohibited me from making a single unjustified expense or investment until the divorce was finalized. This Restraining Order also kept me from seeking or obtaining credit of any type. On top of this, only weeks later, I was awarded a Loudspeaker of the Year award for my Pendragon design and a Writers’ Choice award for my Lore model. These awards became both a literal blessing and a curse. Imagine trying to grow a new, small, and unknown company under these financial conditions…

To date, I have honored the court-ordered sanctions placed upon me, and I have worked to exhaustion to keep my integrity. I only brought on my first employee when I felt truly justified from being held in contempt: I was behind on production with over 100 more loudspeaker orders to fulfill. This was in Spring 2013, and we have been growing since then. In retrospect, I can honestly say that we survived only through the grace of God and the world’s most amazing clients! It is mind-blowing to think that not only did we survive, but we thrived under appalling restrictions and imposed sanctions.

Since then, I have assembled an amazing and talented audio team, whom I truly believe are the greatest help in the world. We are here to personally serve you. We all passionately love what we do. For nearly a year now we have been fulfilling orders on every speaker we produce in our stock on a daily basis without delay. We have honed and refined Tekton’s finishing process to near-perfection. We are currently producing non-stop. As of today, we have every model we produce on the shelf ready to ship. We also have many custom projects and finishes available for immediate shipment as well. We are in the midst of truly exciting times at Tekton Design!

Even though we strive for perfect customer service, I know that there were some customers that fell through the cracks while I worked to recover my missing sons. I sincerely apologize from the depths of humility to anyone I have let down or somehow offended while I have been faced with enduring this divorce trial and kidnapping tragedy.

Of utmost importance, I encourage anyone still requiring grilles (especially the few that might have paid for them that I might not be aware of) or wishing to add grilles to their Tekton Design loudspeakers to please contact me directly and immediately. I will happily accommodate your request, and I will produce any needed item promptly: I will personally see to it that you receive your grilles. I sincerely apologize for any frustration or delays I have caused anyone at any time.

I truly love what I do with a passion, but more importantly, maintaining personal integrity is my highest priority. Thanks for your patience with me through this trial and thanks for your faith and loyalty in my work. Thank you for being the greatest clients in the world!


Eric Alexander

President – Tekton Design LLC