New Enzo Model

We’re thrilled to announce a new Enzo Loudspeaker Model. Incorporating elements of US patent 9247339. Available now and priced at $2K delivered. Please call or email directly to order.


8 Responses to “New Enzo Model”

  1. Remarkable like everything Tekton designs and breathes life into.

  2. I was just wondering how well the double impact tweeter array Would work with the enzo design. I guess this answers my question! I love my original enzo’s, but would really love to hear this new design.

  3. Remarkable looking at that tweeter array on this and the Double Impact! Am definitely looking forward to hearing this mew Enzo and the DI somewhere sometime.

  4. Interesting,
    I can’t see how my Enzo’s could sound anymore detailed while sounding effortless at the same time.

  5. What’s the specs on these? are they efficient enough to be driven by a 300B 8W SET amp?

  6. I bought a pair of these new Enzo 2.7’s plus a center channel. After having a pair of original Enzo’s, I was curious how the new design would sound. The bass on both designs are from mid bass drivers, Eric could not have a better box design to get the best bass out of them. However I discovered after crossing them over with 60hz, they become beast in the mid bass! Of course they also sound good with full range settings, With a warm gentle lower end. The eminence 8 inch midbass drivers are rated at 125watts rms each and the vifa tweeters are even more delicate. I would not put more power than an amplifier rated at 400watts in to 8ohms on them though. Keep in mind these have a lower impedance than 8 ohms, and will draw more power from most amps.So how does the 7 tweeter array sound? A noticeable change over the three tweeter array, but both designs are unique in sound characteristics. I guess Eric described it best by saying ” More of a good thing”. If you cross over at 60hz or 80hz, the best subwoofer would be a design using high efficiency light cones. I believe in sticking with Eric’s ideal on how bass should be reproduced, And that is musical and detailed not low slow and sluggish.

  7. Between the electron’s and the Enzo 2.7, I noticed that the electrons have one additional set of mid or lower frequency drivers. Can you please explain the different drivers on the two products? Has anyone heard both the electron and the Enzo 2.7?

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