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Dynaco A-25 / Aural Replica A-25

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My Aural Replica A-25 is still available as a special order item.

Pricing starts at $1k pr. Please inquire.

This is a fantastic avant-garde version of a 40-year-old vintage speaker design, and it is based on one of the most revered hi-fi loudspeakers in history! Incredibly, in the limited years of production, Dynaco built and sold over 1,000,000 units! The simple fact that they sold in such high numbers (not to mention that they sounded great!) gives them unquestionable credence, and demands a closer look into what the speakers actually did. In pristine vintage condition, they are still highly sought after and highly revered today by audiophiles and vintage collectors around the world! In their day, their above-average efficiency, newly patented aperiodic enclosure design, alnico woofer, and wonderful-sounding dome tweeter made waves throughout the industry. It sent their competitors into a scramble to even catch up, and spawned a flock of competing designs.

Hours of painstaking measurements, coupled with the testing and evaluation of the original vintage design has resulted in a further refined and dramatically improved version of an already wonderful-sounding loudspeaker! In the spirit of the original Dynacos, I’ve stuck with the perfectly built (and expensive) Seas quality components and the dynamic and superior aperiodic enclosure. There is no X-over on the woofer, and its X-over slope is based solely on the driver’s mechanical characteristics. There is a single capacitor (minimum phase – 6dB per octave) on the dome tweeter. The original Dynaco speakers had an intentional laid-back and slightly subdued upper midrange (in my opinion a brilliant implementation, because this is the hearing region of highest sensitivities), and a mild mid-bass punch to them; in other words and technically speaking, there is an intentional slight dip in the upper mid-range section of the frequency response, and a slight peak in the mid-bass region of the frequency response. We’ve used a larger cabinet that improves bass extension, and lowers compression (In our opinion, the Dynaco A-25 was in too small of an enclosure, and had just a bit too much damping material inside the enclosure). The frequency response is now extended to 30kHz (the original Seas Dynaco tweeter was a 1.5” dome that really strained just to even hit 16kHz). We’re now using far superior cabinet materials and bracing methods that further improve the sound quality (the original cabinet material was a low quality particle board). The drivers are flush mounted on the baffle and all cabinet edges have radiuses. An asymmetric driver layout further improves fidelity. This might be the perfect speaker to mate with your vintage Dynaco Tube Amplifier (or any other tube amplifier for that matter)?! Works great with single-ended gear and push-pull, it’s also makes a killer Tri-Path (think Trends, Sonic Impact, etc…) combo because of it’s wide bandwidth and above average sensitivity.

Main Features:

  • Superior quality Seas Drivers drivers to provide an unsurpassed level precision, fidelity, and detail
  • Aperiodic enclosure produces detailed, accurate, and musical bass with no compression. Perfect transient response! Its –12dB per octave slope provides an in-room response down to 20Hz, and eliminates the need for subwoofer augmentation
  • Absolute minimum X-over component count produces a phase and timing that is second to none!
  • Gold-plated 5-way binding terminal posts
  • Completely designed, critically voiced, and hand built by a master craftsman

Full-Range Fostex Studio Speaker Specifications:

  • 1 pair of speakers, 22.0” (560mm) tall x 14.375” (367mm) wide x 10” (257mm) deep
  • 91.5dB average sensitivity and recommended amplifier power is 10-120 Watt RMS. They are totally compatible with all higher Wattage amplifiers; just use caution at higher volume levels
  • 1” (25mm) Seas Sonotex tweeter, and an unfiltered 10” Seas natural paper cone and butyl surround woofer
  • Anechoic frequency response of 42Hz – 30kHz @ +/- 3dB, anechoic -10dB point is 32Hz, in-room bass extension all the way down to 20Hz!
  • Perfectly benign 8 Ohm system impedance
  • Top-quality cabinet materials: (Density (p) = .75, Young’s modulus (E) = .33) (BETTER THAN SOLID OAK!))
  • Finished in textured black satin lacquer. Each cabinet weight is 29 lbs (13.15kg)
  • High-quality internal wiring – completely point-to-point soldered

We guarantee honest and accurate specifications, data, and measurements (something that the mountebank high-sensitivity loudspeaker builders and sellers aren’t willing to do)! Proudly hand crafted in the U.S.A.

Options Available:

  • True high-end furniture grade flitch veneers available starting at and additional $200.00 for the pair in figured cherry, maple, or walnut. Higher priced and exotic veneers are slightly more.
  • Custom fitting and mass loadable stands are an additional $150.00 pr. (please provide us with your listening/seating height when specifying).
  • Custom colors available starting at $200.00 for the pair
  • Custom and vintage looking grilles also available (please call for pricing)

These speakers image wonderfully and disappear into the soundstage.
They are absolutely cool and thrilling to listen to!!!

You might ask why we’ve spent so much time doing something
that has already been done…well, we’re simply having fun!