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New Tekton Design Open-Baffle Hybrid Flagship Loudspeaker

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2010 by tektondesign

We’re pleased to announce the completion of the new open-baffle hybrid design — showcasing our award-winning, proprietary engineering and technology. Early evaluation has proven that this could very well be one of the best-sounding loudspeakers that can be purchased at any price.

The incorporation of multiple proprietary elements of design and engineering are what clearly sets this speaker apart from every other loudspeaker available today, and raises the bar for the second time in less than a year for Tekton Design.

$5K pair.

Please feel free to inquire. Web site will be updated shortly.

Updated KatZ Meow…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 13, 2010 by tektondesign

I’m thrilled to announce completion of the updated KatZ Meow system. The KatZ Meow is the culmination of decades of loudspeaker product development and engineering, wrapped in a single package. It is an exercise in incorporating only the most desirable traits of classic full-range design. This redesign incorporates new transducers and a new forward-thinking, proprietary cabinet technology – a technology that improves efficiency and fidelity across the entire bass spectrum. The bass extension is lowered an average of half of a full octave and produces an additional 5dB output at the cut-off knee.

Now, if you’re not into the science of it all, please understand that deep and proper bass weighting is the Achilles’ heel of the full-range loudspeaker (more to come on this at a later date). This is why so many full range designs simply incorporate giant horns. Unfortunately, horns of all sizes and shapes hardly qualify as top-class fidelity reproducers. They are hardly linear. They degrade the stereo image and the spatial depth of the presentation, all of which are necessities if world-class hi-fi is your goal. Our proprietary design produces the most accurate and believable bass you’ve ever heard. And it’s not just the deep bass; it’s the full bandwidth of bass frequencies and the mid-bass, too!

Preliminary specifications:

  • 8” Fostex Sigma transducer
  • Audax Gold tweeter
  • Time-aligned design
  • Proprietary X-over network (pure, minimalistic design)
  • Proprietary bass cabinet
  • 96db 1W@1M, 8 Ohm impedance, 40Hz-30kHz frequency response
  • Dimensions: 33.5” tall x 10” wide x 11” deep
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • $2K Pair