Tekton Design Enzo XL Walnut…

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We have a pair of Walnut Enzo XL’s available. This is hand-laid high-end furniture grade walnut veneer that had been perfectly mirrored and matched – $2550 delivered for the pair. Add $75 for grilles if needed. Ready to ship today.

Enzo XL Walnut

Eric Alexander

President Tekton Design LLC


New Tekton Design Open Baffle Hybrid Sigma available now…

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The Tekton Design Open Baffle Hybrid is back and it’s here to stay.

Albert Einstein said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” I love this quote and I believe the Open Baffle Hybrid is in lock-step harmony with his philosophy.

The Open Baffle Hybrid Sigma is utterly simple and elegant. A dipole open baffle is way too simple and requires peripheral accessories like DSP processing. Pure analog (vinyl) and tube combo’s want to be connected to only a pure loudspeaker; then, the open baffle takes this magical combination to an entirely new level of fidelity and believability!

Tekton Design’s proprietary Open Baffle Hybrid technology converts the open baffle dipole into a low frequency monopole through an acoustical mass transformer. In 2010 we won a loudspeaker of the year award for developing this forward thinking and innovative technology. I was soon forced to abandon my open baffle models due to the kidnapping of my sons and a flood of Lore and Pendragon sales. We’ve now grown and the Open Baffle Hybrid can finally be produced in large numbers.

This speaker is sonically stunning! It truly possesses all of the pure audiophile attributes. Starting at $3000 a pair delivered.

Eric Alexander
President Tekton Design , LLC

Tekton Design Open Baffle 1 Tekton Design Open Baffle 2

Worldwide Shipping…

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All Tekton Design loudspeaker models are always available to everyone everywhere. We’ve shipped internationally for years now and our process is streamlined. We’ve arranged discounted expedited shipping globally – this gets loudspeakers anywhere on earth in 3 – 5 working days. To get an international shipping quote please email us directly; be sure to include your detailed shipping address and your telephone number.

Eric Alexander


Tekton Design, LLC

April 2015 Stereophile Enzo XL Review…

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A giant thank you to Herb Reichert and John Atkinson for reviewing and measuring the new Tekton Design Enzo XL! I’m very grateful for their efforts! Please read the Stereophile review today.


Eric Alexander


Tekton Design LLC

Unlocking the Mystery of the Greatest Loudspeaker in History: the Yamaha NS10

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Ever wonder why the small Yamaha NS10 monitor is poised so confidently behind the mixing consoles of every major recording studio around the world? I have. When you explore this little loudspeaker’s list of credits, you’ll discover that no other single loudspeaker has played a greater role in your musical library than the Yamaha NS10—period!

But the equation is more complex than you might think. We’ve got the most famous loudspeaker in history—a Grammy Awarded loudspeaker. And we have the world’s best sound engineers using them. But we have other engineers openly cursing these speakers: so, what gives??

Every major recording studio in the world uses these speakers and yet, if you asked someone to explain why the speakers are so valuable, no one would be able to tell you the real answer. Sound experts grapple with a real explanation of what these speakers actually do on a technological level that makes them so needed. It’s an industry mystery, and it is one that has intrigued me for years.

The NS10 was originally released simply as a domestic hi-fi loudspeaker in 1978; but it did not sound good, and it was poorly received. Then, somehow, by fluke or by miracle, recording engineers began implementing them as a reference benchmark for a bad sounding speaker. Imagine: what is now the world’s most influential loudspeaker was once regarded as the worst sounding equipment on the market. However, professionals soon began to realize the NS10 had the uncanny ability to reveal shortcomings in recordings, and the rest is history.

A short list of Grammy Awarded engineers known for using the Yamaha NS10 is Andy Wallace, Brendan O’Brien, Tom & Chris Lord-Alge, Charles Dye, and Dave Pensado. With these big names on board, it makes sense to say that the Yamaha NS10 is invaluable to the recording industry. Literally thousands of albums have been produced using the Yamaha NS10 or one of its production variants. We’re talking many Gold and Platinum production numbers here. Pick your top ten all-time favorite songs and albums from the last thirty years and you’ll discover the NS10 was likely used at some point in their production process. And, if you expand that top ten list of yours to movie and television recordings, you’ll soon realize that the NS10’s influence upon how and what we hear is near endless.

With a pedigree like this you’d think that every engineer worth his salt would have a pair of these black and white boxes and be using them every day—but they don’t. The ultimate irony here is Yamaha literally walked away from NS10 production in 2001. They completely abandoned all production! Yamaha soon moved into the realm of wider bandwidth, more linear, and larger-sized models; a mistake in my professional opinion.

In my career in the music industry, I have designed over fifty-five commercially available loudspeaker designs, but I had never been able to crack the secret of what makes the NS10 so valuable. Over the years I’ve been asked to build near-field monitors, or speakers that are used in recording studios, for audio engineers. To date, we’ve built them for some of the biggest names and artists in the industry. Intuitively, when I was first asked to produce a near-field monitor, I figured I needed to start with some homework, and the first thing I did was research the Yamaha NS10. When it came time to evaluate the NS10 frequency response, I saw something very intriguing. This loudspeaker, so highly revered by everyone, had the strangest frequency response I had ever seen. Then it hit me . . . the frequency response looked strangely familiar . . . but where . . . ? Then, the correlation was almost instant. I went straight to the ISO 226 equal-loudness contours curves and the Fletcher Munson curves—research that shows how the human ear hears sound at different frequencies. I copied a page from one of the tables, flipped it over upside down, and held the page up to my window. Through the light, I saw what looked to be the Yamaha NS10 frequency response now for the second time and located in a place where no one expected to find it. It now made perfect sense – mystery solved! My respect for Bob Clearmountain, the first sound engineer to regularly use the NS10 in a recording studio, now goes through the stratosphere! His intuitiveness, creativity, and most importantly, his ability to discern how music should sound in recordings places him in the realm of Picasso and Michelangelo.

The Yamaha NS10 was an accidental inverse of the ISO 226 equal-loudness contours curves and the Fletcher Munson curves. The Yamaha NS10 becomes a successful near-field ‘mixing monitor’ when it is placed sideways with the tweeters opposed and on the outside; and placed in the near-field referenced to a level between 80-100dB. Mixing with a loudspeaker like this causes revealing midrange (harmonics and subtle details) and invites the engineer to emphasize the lower frequencies proportionally; reduce the midrange dominance, and emphasize and adjust high frequencies accordingly. Proper editing and playback on reference grade loudspeakers at levels between 80-100dB will reveal a quality end result. I’m oversimplifying all of this a bit here because this is not only pure science… it’s also art.

Based on the unraveling of this mystery, I have filed for patent protection for what I term a new type of ‘conversion monitor’ for ‘mixing sound’. I am pleased to announce new loudspeakers for near-field mixing and monitoring. These will be high quality scientific electro-acoustical instruments and powerful tools in a sound engineer’s toolbox. Pre-orders are now being accepted – please email me directly. I will also make licensing available to individuals, companies, and manufacturers. I also plan to offer a Yamaha NS10 crossover modification that will hug the equal-loudness contour inversion even closer. We are excited to add to the legacy that the NS10 has already brought to the recording industry, and are proud to offer you a new industry-changing product.

Eric Jay Alexander


Tekton Design LLC

Yamaha NS10 Frequency Response:

NS10M Frequency Respons

Further enforcing the theory: Bob Clearmountain placed tissue paper over the tweeter to further attenuate it. This too, was no accident and it takes the NS10 much closer to the 80-100dB ISO equal-loudness contour.

The Fletcher Munson and Equal-Loudness Contours inverted:

Equal-Loudness Contour Curves Reversed

Speaker Grilles…

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Please contact us immediately if you need speaker grilles for a past purchase. I will promptly have your grilles produced and shipped.

Thank you,

Eric Alexander – President Tekton Design LLC

tektondesign@gmail.com or phone 801-836-0764

Dear Tekton Clients…

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Re: Speaker Grilles

Dear Tekton Design Loudspeaker Owners:

I have 3 beautiful sons age 10, 8 and 4. I love them with all of my heart. These little men are my entire world! However, on 7 February 2011, my world was rocked by tragedy.  Almost 4 years ago to the day, my precious sons were kidnapped from me by my (now former) wife in Washington State. My sons are still gone and it is day 1453. I have repeatedly appealed to the FBI, the courts, the police, detectives, and prosecutors for relief —all to no avail. As of today, I believe that only a divine miracle will place my missing sons in my arms again. Becoming a victim of spousal/parental child abduction has been hardest thing for me to endure—it has become the most intense trial of my life. And, however hard it has been for me, my sons have had the hardest part of all. As part of the tragedy, a divorce petition was filed on 16 November 2012. Unfortunately, this petition included a court-issued financial Restraining Order that prohibited me from making a single unjustified expense or investment until the divorce was finalized. This Restraining Order also kept me from seeking or obtaining credit of any type. On top of this, only weeks later, I was awarded a Loudspeaker of the Year award for my Pendragon design and a Writers’ Choice award for my Lore model. These awards became both a literal blessing and a curse. Imagine trying to grow a new, small, and unknown company under these financial conditions…

To date, I have honored the court-ordered sanctions placed upon me, and I have worked to exhaustion to keep my integrity. I only brought on my first employee when I felt truly justified from being held in contempt: I was behind on production with over 100 more loudspeaker orders to fulfill. This was in Spring 2013, and we have been growing since then. In retrospect, I can honestly say that we survived only through the grace of God and the world’s most amazing clients! It is mind-blowing to think that not only did we survive, but we thrived under appalling restrictions and imposed sanctions.

Since then, I have assembled an amazing and talented audio team, whom I truly believe are the greatest help in the world. We are here to personally serve you. We all passionately love what we do. For nearly a year now we have been fulfilling orders on every speaker we produce in our stock on a daily basis without delay. We have honed and refined Tekton’s finishing process to near-perfection. We are currently producing non-stop. As of today, we have every model we produce on the shelf ready to ship. We also have many custom projects and finishes available for immediate shipment as well. We are in the midst of truly exciting times at Tekton Design!

Even though we strive for perfect customer service, I know that there were some customers that fell through the cracks while I worked to recover my missing sons. I sincerely apologize from the depths of humility to anyone I have let down or somehow offended while I have been faced with enduring this divorce trial and kidnapping tragedy.

Of utmost importance, I encourage anyone still requiring grilles (especially the few that might have paid for them that I might not be aware of) or wishing to add grilles to their Tekton Design loudspeakers to please contact me directly and immediately. I will happily accommodate your request, and I will produce any needed item promptly: I will personally see to it that you receive your grilles. I sincerely apologize for any frustration or delays I have caused anyone at any time.

I truly love what I do with a passion, but more importantly, maintaining personal integrity is my highest priority. Thanks for your patience with me through this trial and thanks for your faith and loyalty in my work. Thank you for being the greatest clients in the world!


Eric Alexander

President – Tekton Design LLC