New 21″ Subwoofer Online Now…


New Tekton Design 21 Inch Subwoofer

Available now – Tekton Design 21″ subwoofer – $1200 each

The finest B&C Italian transducers with 60 mm peak-to-peak excursion

Dimensions: 30″ tall x 24.5″ wide x 20″ deep


15 Responses to “New 21″ Subwoofer Online Now…”

  1. Wow! Looks simple, elegant and way COOL! We must hear details😎

  2. Hey Eric, Wow. Everyone’s going to want the specs and details but how about a comparison with the Cinema and Enzo. Is this for home use or something commercial? Very nice.

  3. Hey Erick, great to see you have some new products out! Is this new 21″ sub self powered or passive? What are you recommending to cross it over at? I have never ran a 21. Thanks P.S. love my Pendragons and blew up my 18″ cervin vegas, home theatre requires a ton of head room! These may be a great replacement.

  4. Hugo Salinas Says:

    Is this sub for music? What is the purpose of this sub?

  5. Stefan Vikström Says:

    Active, auto on, 230 volt..?

  6. Hugo Salinas Says:

    More info please

  7. Joe Doncevic Says:

    My 21″ Sub will be here tomorrow…12/15/15. However, it’s a Christmas present from my wife. I can’t open it until Christmas. I also ordered a Crown XLS 2500 DriveKore Amp to power and crossover the Sub. Insane 2400 watts in bridged mode @ 4 ohms. This is one of the several recommendations by Eric.
    Get back to everyone after Christmas with my thoughts and a short non-tech personal review.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  8. Joe Doncevic Says:

    Receiving my 21″ Subwoofer on 12/15/15 with a Crown XLS2500 Drivekore Amp with xover as a Christmas present from my understanding lovely wife of 37 years.
    Of course I can’t open it until Christmas. But I’ll let all know the results once I’m allowed to play with my new toy.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! !!!


  9. Joe Doncevic Says:

    I have this 21″ Subwoofer being delivered 12/15/15. This is a Christmas gift from my lovely, understanding wife of thirty-seven plus years. This will be mated with a Crown XLS2500 Drivekore amp w/crossover.
    Of course I have to wait to Christmas so I can play and test drive this match made in heaven. I’ll let everyone know if my house is still standing after Christmas. Lol!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  10. Joe Doncevic Says:

    Sorry about the duplication of message the server wasn’t showing received. Either way it is being delivered one day early by FedEx…today!!!

    Merry Christmas All!!!

    • So joe, how do they sound?

      • Joe Doncevic Says:

        Hey Tom,
        In short phenomenal!!! I have mine hooked to a Crown XLS2500 amplifier. In bridged mode in Class D operation it releaseghosts an prodigious 2400 watts into a 4 ohm load. Nothing short of awesome!
        My Texton 21″ beast has now entered its domain of unbelievable low end. Yes the bass is stupendous. More importantly is the foundation and underpinning and dynamics of that same bass foundation. It’s simply tremendous! We are looking at world class low end because of the foundational strength of the amp/subwoofer combination.
        Of course amplification would be of your discretion and choice. Options are relatively unlimited for amps and crossovers to achieve your desired goal. Eric can be very helpful in this manner and respect.
        Last but not least by any means is patience. Patience is required. However you will be well rewarded for your patience. I have approximately 75-80 hours invested and just this morning before going to church I believe I’ve reached 90% of the break in period.
        Keep in mind these numbers are approximate. Still they are very indicative of the performance ratio of a before and after scenario. Truly a vast improvement in the overall performance of this immense subwoofer driver and powerful amplifier combo.
        In simple rhetoric…..this subwoofer will . blow you away. Not just because of bass alone or power. It’s the synergy, harmony and finesse of the details and presence that captivates you. It’s the control, size and power that fulfills your libido with uncanny pleasurable delight of having a virtual live performance in your home.
        All said and done; if you’re on the edge and want a absolutely true subwoofer I hope this posting has been of some help to you.

        Have a nice day!

  11. Thanks Joe for the informative and inspired review. I am not surprised by your findings as I’m an affirmed believer in Eric’s speakers. My Enzo’s thrill me every day and I’ll be purchasing Enzo XL’s……or Pendragons if I can convince the wife they aren’t too big. I think a pair of these subwoofers would together with Enzo’s or Pendragons be quite amazing. Thanks again Joe, for affirming my excitement over these new subs.

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