New Tekton Design Open Baffle Hybrid Sigma available now…

The Tekton Design Open Baffle Hybrid is back and it’s here to stay.

Albert Einstein said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” I love this quote and I believe the Open Baffle Hybrid is in lock-step harmony with his philosophy.

The Open Baffle Hybrid Sigma is utterly simple and elegant. A dipole open baffle is way too simple and requires peripheral accessories like DSP processing. Pure analog (vinyl) and tube combo’s want to be connected to only a pure loudspeaker; then, the open baffle takes this magical combination to an entirely new level of fidelity and believability!

Tekton Design’s proprietary Open Baffle Hybrid technology converts the open baffle dipole into a low frequency monopole through an acoustical mass transformer. In 2010 we won a loudspeaker of the year award for developing this forward thinking and innovative technology. I was soon forced to abandon my open baffle models due to the kidnapping of my sons and a flood of Lore and Pendragon sales. We’ve now grown and the Open Baffle Hybrid can finally be produced in large numbers.

This speaker is sonically stunning! It truly possesses all of the pure audiophile attributes. Starting at $3000 a pair delivered.

Eric Alexander
President Tekton Design , LLC

Tekton Design Open Baffle 1 Tekton Design Open Baffle 2


7 Responses to “New Tekton Design Open Baffle Hybrid Sigma available now…”

  1. Love the look and can’t wait to here about others response to them. Great work and sorry to her about all the problems you have had in your personal life. I pray that things will get better.
    I love my Enzo’s and at this point I am not looking for a replacement.
    Great job!

  2. I too love my Enzo’s but am setting up a dedicated two channel system and these are very intriguing. Will you be adding them to the website with more information on them? I’m very interested in what their dimensions are and how their sound is similar or differant than say the Seas Pendragons. Keep up the great work!

  3. Yong David Kim Says:

    Please adding them to the webside ASAP. Really appreciate Open Baffle Hybrid Sigma.

  4. Richard Netsky Says:

    Dear Eric,

    I set up my new Sigma OBs last Friday. I just wanted to tell you how amazingly pleased I am with them already, although I haven’t even put 15 hours on them yet. I’m usually hard to please having auditioned or owned various B&W, Magico, KEF, Martin Logan, et al speakers. Your OBs have tremendous musicality, a wonderful wide and deep soundstage, terrific delineation of individual instruments, driving bass, and a delicate high end. The overall coherence is impressive.

    I just finished listening to one of my favorite cuts- Morning Dew from the Grateful Dead’s live at Cornell show. The experience was overwhelming. Who needs sex?

    Again, thanks for your exceptional and budget worthy speakers.

    Richard N.

  5. Looking forward to your impressions, and if you also post elsewhere, please leave us a link.

    I too would like to see the Sigma OBs posted to the Product Pages. Also, any updates on the Model 4.5V2 would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. I am right now sitting in my listening room enjoying a pair of OB Sigmas that I have had for about a month. Thank you Eric! Norah Jones “Come Away With Me” is playing and she’s in the room with me. I have become intimate with her. Pardon me while I compose myself and get dressed…

    I am quite familiar with dipole speakers having spent 17+ years with Apogee Duetta Signatures in a large dedicated listening room. Through 2 trips back to MA for 1st panel tensioning service and 2nd eventual panel replacement these were ultimately very satisfying speakers that did require careful meshing with a pair of the smaller and quick Hsu Research subs to flesh out the low end. I also drove the Duettas with dbx’s mongo BX1 amp of the late 80’s, “load invariant” and putting out 512 watts into 8 ohms, 1200 into 2 and still flashing warning lights at me from time to time!
    I finally sold the Duettas and after some yrs with monitors/subs (those Spica TC50’s @ $500 imaged magically!) I began to miss the dipole openess and was looking to invest in something larger. When I came across Eric’s Sigmas and his description of the “simple but not too simple” theory behind them it seemed so logical I decided to give them a chance. Glad I did! They’re not going back! I’ll be writing a complete review later after I’ve had a chance to further acclimate to them and swap out some equipment.

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