April 2015 Stereophile Enzo XL Review…


A giant thank you to Herb Reichert and John Atkinson for reviewing and measuring the new Tekton Design Enzo XL! I’m very grateful for their efforts! Please read the Stereophile review today.


Eric Alexander


Tekton Design LLC


4 Responses to “April 2015 Stereophile Enzo XL Review…”

  1. Congrats Eric! I just read the review and couldn’t agree more with it. While I don’t have the XL’s I absolutely love my Enzo’s and for me the only competition my Enzo’s have without spending tens of thousands more are other Tekton speakers. I’ve owned and enjoyed Vandersteens, Magnaplanars and Revels, but I’m a Tekton owner for life. Great to see the mainstream magazines reviewing Tektons. Once again Tekton is being compared to the likes of Wilson Audio. Amazing!

  2. mickey taylor Says:

    Friends told me about the Enzo XL review in Stereophile. They heard me rave about the Lore Reference speakers I have. Eric, I’m not surprised! Congratulations.

  3. Mr. Alexander, congratulations on all the accolades that have been bestowed upon your speakers! It’s very refreshing to see that someone such as yourself can design and build a loudspeaker that can compete with high-end companies that charge several times what your speakers cost. I believe that you must also be of the notion that it’s really more fun to see how much performance you can get for the money than to just throw huge money at cost-no-object equipment and enter into the realm of diminishing returns . I, for one, will be waiting with my checkbook when you decide to make your all-out assault on the best speakers made! All the best, Scott Robinson

  4. After reading Herb Reichert’s Enzo XL review in the April 2015 of Stereophile and then finding the Tekton website, I thought it was the most elaborate “April Fools” hoax ever created. To say I’m intrigued would be a vast understatement.

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