Speaker Grilles…

Please contact us immediately if you need speaker grilles for a past purchase. I will promptly have your grilles produced and shipped.

Thank you,

Eric Alexander – President Tekton Design LLC

tektondesign@gmail.com or phone 801-836-0764


2 Responses to “Speaker Grilles…”

  1. Eric,

    Just received Original Lores in perfect shape from Yellow
    Freight in Honolulu, with Grills too. These Grills were shipped
    very next day together with Speakers. (Well done Eric!)

    These speakers are remarkable, a superb value at on
    Sale price of $940.00 (before shipping)for Red ones.

    Compared to EA MMMicro One monitors, Lores sound
    fuller, go deeper, and fill my 2400 sq feet warehouse
    more fully with a similar high quality sound.

    I am delighted,

    Thank you Eric!

    John Kane

  2. Eric,

    I received my new Pendragon system and found them perfect shape, so good job to Fed Ex and you for good packaging. I could not wait to get a look at them and hear em’. So even with my basement (home theatre room plus) under construction I set them up for a preview.

    The finish on the paint is great! I have done a little carpentry over the years and always have trouble matching the end cuts on the plywood (MDF) to the side of the sheet. Even on the back of your cabinets I can not tell which overlaps what. Great skill and care obviously went into the construction.

    So I got them hooked up and shot the room, put on some tunes and was instantly impressed. The Pendragon’s seemed very flat to my ear and no annoying 8khz bump like so many speaker have. I moved them around the room a bit to find their happy spot ( I found this makes a big difference on the sound stage and base response. (so for best sound don’t just put them wedged against the wall like the wife would like). So far one of the things I like best and is hard to do is get consistent sound at low mid and high SPL levels, so you don’t have to set up different EQ settings for different volumes. The tweeters are smooth and précis. Vocals sound amazing (not sure where Eric has the x-over point set at) but it doesn’t seam to inter fear with the top end of the female vocal range. Base is tight and punchy, but I do prefer a little (ok a lot) more bottom end. Especially for home theatre. So I hooked up my 2 18″ subs and re shot the room. Now I’m not saying they don’t go low or that they are not linear below 100Hz, but I like to feel my music as much as hear it. 2 sense are better than one.

    I love my new system and tell everyone (that I think will listen) about it and what a deal I got!

    Thank You! Eric for making and pricing great speaker in a budget that most can enjoy.

    P.S. I have already found a couple songs that I have been sining the wrong lyrics to… totally changes the meaning of some music.


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