New Lore 2.0 VS Original Lore…

I’m pleased to announce the new Tekton Design Lore 2.0. The Lore 2.0 is an exercise in high sensitivity, high output, with roots firmly grounded in pro audio and cross-platformed to dovetail into the world of hi-fi! I’ve implemented a new titanium tweeter with new voicing (minor X-over tweaks). The result is a fantastic new 10″ based Lore model with great fidelity and linearity.

At the foundation is a matched set of world-famous (at least in professional music circles) Eminence Legend full-range transducers. Transducers that are on average 10dB higher in efficiency and capable of handling much higher Wattage than the conventional hi-fi transducer. When turned up, Lore has weighty house rattling, fast-attacking, and defined bass. Warm and full mid-range tones with stellar clear upper mid-range. On the flip side is the ability to produce all of the subtle nuances that demanding hi-fi requires.

I guarantee this is the best-sounding loudspeaker of its type that can be purchased at this price!

I’m offering this model for a limited time (until it picks up some serious steam) at $900 + shipping. Blog comments welcomed… inquires welcomed… place your order today.

Note: I’ve been inundated with inquiry’s about choosing between the original Lore or Lore 2.0. Both are neck and neck in performance. They are each voiced similarly. Neither version will be going away any time soon and one is $100 less. Go with the new Lore 2.0 if value is your highest priority.


Best regards,

Eric Alexander
Tekton Design, LLC


3 Responses to “New Lore 2.0 VS Original Lore…”

  1. william fitzgearld Says:

    Received my 2.0’s yesterday and promptly called in the rest of the day, ‘I just did not feel well’. Rushed home and set them up. Connected to my vintage Yamaha CR-1020 I was a bit nervous especially having read all of the others using their tube amps with your products.

    So, what do i use as my first piece of music….Abbey Road side 2 which to me is the epitome of all of what the Beatles were.Anyhow I love my 2.0’s and stayed up late enjoying them last night. I thought my Monitor Audio speakers were good and they were but I never realized the false bass until now. The Lore’s bass is there as recorded, simple. If it’s not on the recording it’s not on the speaker..I love it…Thanks for your assistance in choosing the 2.0’s

    Bill Fitzgearld
    Evansville, IN

    PS if anyone in the tri state area wishes an audition I’m on facebook as William Fitzgearld…notice ew spell our name a bit different.

  2. Bob Leach Says:

    Just received my Lore 2.0s today…FedEx. Right on time!

    Lore 2.0’s are the most musically accurate sounding speakers I have ever experienced. I have been in the music business, both as a musician and as a music instrument and live sound dealer for 30+ years.
    These speakers are high output, true sounding, & tops build quality.

    This cat, Eric Alexander has it going on.

    Don’t hesitate to try a pair of these great speakers!

    Bob in Tennessee

  3. I received my Camaro Gloss Green Lore 2.0’s last Thursday via fedex (no delays). Unpacked and opened them 3 days ago and hooked them up to my Emotiva LPA1 (120 watts per channel). I kept running my fingers over the perfect Metallic Green finish. Listened to some musical favorites – via stream from my Apple TV .What a difference!… made my KEF Model Ones seem muffled and veiled (British sound–warm and detailed). Just real sounding. One thing though, poor recordings will sound really bad. Watched a movie too (The Water Diviner) …I jumped when they started firing that Machine gun. I have two Monoblock amps on order from Emotiva and I cant wait to set up. Will spend the weekend tweaking my home theater. Thanks Eric. Your an artist in the true sense of the word.

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