Tekton Design Enzo – Harley Davidson Orange


Orange Enzo’s – hand finished like a vintage guitar (9 coats of lacquer) for a stunning warm visual tone – $2300 pr delivered. Boxed and ready to ship. Call to order.

Eric Alexander


2 Responses to “Tekton Design Enzo – Harley Davidson Orange”

  1. I have attempted to Call to order.

  2. I’m a 65 year old, grumpy as heck chronic pain patient and music helps me relax and also helps me deal with chronic pain and PTSD. I’m also increasingly more sensitive to sounds, especially unpleasant, irritating, or less than musical sounds. Which is why I recently replaced my Sherwood Newcastle receiver with a new Marantz, and why I replaced my gorgeous, 37″ tall Hi Res AR9 tower speakers, with their real cherry veneer cabinetry, with a pair of plain black speakers from a company most people have never heard of!

    When I began researching good speakers several months ago, one of two interesting newer, smaller, but innovative speaker companies that caught my attention was a fairly new outfit by the name of Tekton Design. But I was wary of spending several thousand dollars on speakers from a relatively unknown outfit like Tekton. So I went back to reading articles, forms posts, reading reviews, visiting websites, and anything else I could find with the goal of finding superior, audiophile caliber speakers on as close to a beer budget as I could find. I’m all about quality and value, and as some of the best years of my life were spent building houses, and remodeling older ones, and, because I was a perfectionist about every aspect of a job, I do know a little bit about what it takes to create something, and do it right. So what did I do in the end? I went right back to Tekton, called Eric Alexander one afternoon, not long before closing. Eric is the knowledgable and personable head of Tekton Designs, and, after trekking him what I was looking for, and after hearing his advice, I ordered a pain of Enzo’s, in basic black. And Eric shipped a pair out to me that very evening, which is service you don’t see everywhere!

    I did listen to several different speaker lines in person, including Maggie’s, and although I think the Maggie’s are fine for listening to music at background levels, I appreciate speakers that also have the punch necessary to do acoustic and orchestral music justice, at any reasonable level, and in my opinion, these Enzo’s do this remarkably well, especially for their price!

    The Enzo’s have replaced the AR9’s in our living room, and while I was initially worried about them visually detracting, not being cherry, and all, but I needn’t have worried. These have the basic black finish, but they’re more than nice enough for living room use. The finish is excellent quality, nothing home made or inexpensive about them, and what really makes them special are the nicely rounded corners, which gives them a solid but soft appearance- a kind of “at-home” comfortable vibe, which I really appreciate. Very nicely done!

    I’ve been listening to these Enzo’s for about a month now, and they are wonderful. Plus, they just keep sounding better. I just can’t get over how much more musical, accurate, and life like they are compared to the AR9’s and most speakers other I’ve heard. They produce such a huge soundstage that it’s almost hypnotic, the way the various instruments stand out, right there in front of you, an orchestra or band in your living room! The highs from the Enzo are magnificent, so lifelike and accurate that for me it’s as if the flute, harp, violin, or chimes are right there, but even closer to you that they were in the orchestra. And yet this is done with no harshness, no shrill edge, no unpleasantness, as is sometimes the case. The midrange is wonderfully accurate, and the bass is nice and solid. Sure, if you want to feel the place shake during action movie scene sum you’ll want a sub or two, but that’s almost always the case. And if you need one, or want to upgrade, Tekton now has several subwoofers to offer.

    It’s a shame that most of us, most of us in the United States at least, are so caught up in wealth and the trappings of wealth and prestige, that we automatically equate high quality with high price, as summed up in the adage, “You get what you pay for.” I agree that most of the time this is true; the more you spend as you move up in price, the higher the quality. But these are exceptions; there are certain products that can be rightfully considered to be Exceptional a Values, and these Enzo’s are most definitely among them.

    In Oregon

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