Tekton Design Enzo’s in Bubinga…

Enzo Bubinga

We have one pair of bubinga Enzo’s available for immediate shipping. $2300 delivered (within continental US) . We are happy to ship internationally too. This set is featured in hand-laid high-end furniture grade veneer. Please call directly to make the purchase. Note: I used a cell phone camera for this shot. They are far more beautiful than the image presents.


One Response to “Tekton Design Enzo’s in Bubinga…”

  1. Gregory Brown Says:

    Just a short note of thanks to Eric for the bubinga Enzos that I am listening to as I write this. I have had them since January. I play them daily. They are very musical. I mean a guitar sounds like a guitar, a women’s voice just like the one I heard when she performed and I was sitting three rows back in a small coffee house setting. They rock out like I want them to, when I want them to. I play solid state and tubes . The Enzos are happy to play with them. Analog, digital both sound luscious, inviting, and make me listen far too long on weeknights. I listen to most music, happily now thanks to the Enzos, thanks to Eric, and Tekton Design.

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