Tekton Design – Definitely Worth the Wait…

Fellow Audiophiles and Music Lovers,

We at Tekton Design are ecstatic with the progress and growth that has come upon us in these past few months. It seems as though more and more are beginning to experience the transcendent thrill of pure, unbridled music and sound. It has always been our purpose to provide the best quality loudspeakers so to bring you, the listener, and the artist closer together. We are pleased to confirm that we continue with the same pledge and mission. It is quite clear that the future holds great promise.

Along the same lines we are aware that, as we continue to grow and expand, there are certain growing pains that must be endured. This was anticipated. Our main priority has always and will always be: the bliss felt by each owner of Tekton Design speakers as they enjoy the experience of multi-award winning audio designs. We take pride in each component and variable of our work and seek to provide the very best for all.

Therefore, we have made arrangements to better our services so that communication and logistics run as smoothly as possible. Talented artists, craftsmen, and apprentices have been recruited and specific jobs appointed so that production can be run more efficiently and time can be allocated appropriately. With the increase of demand, we have stepped up to the plate and increased our resources to satisfy on all levels. We accept accountability for any perceived miscommunications and occasional “longer than expected” lead times that occurred due to the influx of orders. We are grateful for the appreciation and praise that we have received on account of Tekton Design’s innovative, inspired, and leading-edge products . We humbly thank all for your patience and loyalty as we continue to smooth out the rough edges and allow all the privilege of hearing music as we believe it should be heard.

Best Regards,

Eric Alexander
President & CEO
Tekton Design, LLC


4 Responses to “Tekton Design – Definitely Worth the Wait…”

  1. Keep up the good work Eric!

  2. As always wishing you the best and when it,s time to upgrade who shall I call ERIC Thanks again for great speakers. AND THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT

  3. Philippe Says:

    I encourage you and your team to cherish the set of mind of your company, so you may bring to your present and future customer the profound vision of sound that you’ve intended to share with us since the beginning.

  4. Please never change the quality of your speakers! (if anything, raise the price, don’t lower the quality) I’ve been wanting a pair of the lores for years, but due to a wedding coming up and a new house, I haven’t been able to afford them. I will buy them! and they better still be fantastic in a year or so! 😉 I’m sure they will be. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to hear them with my own ears!

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