New Tekton Design Enzo…


We are excited to announce the new Tekton Design Enzo Loudspeaker. The Enzo is a proprietary loudspeaker design and concept that truly raises the bar in audio performance and value! Enzo: part of a family name now going back many generations – accomplishing stunning of levels of performance in a package that truly qualifies as an audiophile grade product! A package priced to half of it’s competing models with twice the sensitivity!

A Complete Enzo based Home Theater system will be arriving soon; including matching subwoofers, center channel monitor, and surround monitors.

Pre-order your pair or a complete home theater system today.

Forthcoming reviews are on deck… Thomas Turner at has a set warming up now.

Enzo Specifications:

  • Proprietary design and concept (patenting work ongoing)
  • 40.5″ tall x 10″ wide x 13″ deep and 52lbs
  • Dual 8″ transducers and triple ring radiator HF transducers
  • 98dB sensitivity 2.83V@1m
  • 6 Ohm average impedance – 4 Ohm minimum impedance
  • 40hz-30kHz response – linear
  • $2K per pair – free shipping inside continental USA
  • Custom paints, veneer options, and capacitor upgraded options available


Thank you,

Eric Alexander
Tekton Design, LLC


8 Responses to “New Tekton Design Enzo…”

  1. OK….so NOW what is the order of excellence of the Tekton speaker line up? From bottom to top I thought it would be the M-Lore, lore, lore-s, Pendragon and then maybe th Seas Pendragon. But now we have the Enzo!! Someone please help. Thanks

  2. Michael M Says:


    Is the Enzo concept the same speaker all-around or can we also expect a complimentary center and surrounds?

  3. Bryan Waz Says:


    You weren’t kidding: these things are something special. They look fantastic in the ebony veneer, and they sound even better!

    • Bryan,

      Great to hear! Listening impressions are welcomed here… I’m sure a lot of people are anxious to hear your feedback and opinion of the loudspeaker.


      • Bryan Waz Says:

        Hey Eric,

        I have heard speakers from super expensive to super cheap, planar design, folded ribbon tweeters, electrostats and more. The Enzos are certainly among the best I’ve heard. They produce a soundstage that projects beyond the boundaries of the speakers more so than anything I’ve heard anywhere near this price (I can think of a pair in the $10,000 range that are similar and a $40,000 pair that bests them, but they also had at least that or more in gear connected to them).

        Even at quieter levels, they can do delicate and dynamic. Naturally, turning them up is where the real magic is, at least for me, as I love live recordings. The Enzos take me to some of my favorite performances without breaking a sweat.

        I remember our conversation regarding the type of speaker I was trying to track down. It was all about the music for me, and you said you had one in mind. Well, you were right. I’m sure they’re no slouch in a home theater application, but I have to say, they certainly do two-channel audio right.

        A job well-done, sir!


  4. I had received my new Enzo speaker on Tuesday morning and all I can say is I couldn’t wait to get them hooked up , but I wanted to see what they sounded like in comparison to my b&w speakers so I proceeded to hook them up with my wife who has never been able to really tell the differences in any speaker in the past and my son who is the biggest critic of them all . The second I got them hooked up all I can say is that we all looked at each other and said the same thing (wow ) that sounds great and they weren’t even broken in yet . Over the course of the next two days of listing to every type of music these Enzo speakers went beyond my expectation they are so detailed and the music was alive the way is is supposed to be it was was like my b&w speakers were asleep . Finally I found the perfect speaker for my medium sized room and you can listen to them at a low volume and still get the full effect of the speaker , but If you want to crank them up go ahead they can take it .
    For those of you who like movies pop a bowl of popcorn and get ready to enjoy a movie the way a movie should be heard . I listened to movies I had watched in the past and again was awestruck of the detailed sound coming from them . If your thinking about investing in a great speaker for a fraction of the cost in my opinion there is nothing even remotely close to these Enzo speakers.
    Just a couple of other points I would like to make that was like a breath of fresh air to me . When I called Eric actually answered the phone and took the time out to answer all my questions and you can tell by the conversation he takes pride in making such a great product . I also emailed him and got a response in a very timely manner in more then one occasion .
    Well to anyone who is reading this sit tight while you wait for them. It took a little over 5 weeks which is what I had expected .That is more then reasonable to me . I was third in line and now know that I made a wise decision . I can’t be happier , so a great thanks to Eric . Thanks Brett

  5. Mike W Says:

    There’s a very favorable write-up on the Enzo on cnet today by Steve Guttenberg “The Audophiliac.” Looking forward to some more reviews. I really enjoy my Lore-S, and wonder how the Enzo compares. Thanks Eric, for helping me enjoy my music more!

  6. Gregory Brown Says:

    I had been looking for a new set of speakers for a long time to use in a 2 channel audio only set up when I ran across The Audiophiliac’s article on the Enzo. I had listened to many different model speakers in the under $5000 range over the years. I have been fortunate to attend many, many live music shows and have played several instruments, too. Coincidentally I also noticed in the blog a listing that Eric had a set in the unusual Bubinga veneer available for immediate delivery in January. I called, we talked, they delivered, and I am so pleased! After listening to them almost every day since then, I can only ditto the many good comments about this speaker, Eric’s build quality, and kind service. The Bubinga looks great in the same room with my solid cherry television lift cabinet and teak end tables, too. The Enzo’s sound improves with each hour played during break in as Eric says. They sounded amazing out of the box, too! Think immediate smile, Oh My!, and Wow! I do not hesitate to recommend the Tekton Design Enzo speakers. These are first rate sounding and looking speakers! Thanks Eric and company.

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