Lore-S in Macassar Ebony – Limited Production…

We have a limited amount of beautifully stunning  Macassar Ebony veneer on hand. We would love to build you a set! Perfectly matched and mirrored hand-laid panels.

$1699 pr. for the Lore-S

$1399 for the Lore

$899 for the M-Lore
Thank you,

Eric Alexander


5 Responses to “Lore-S in Macassar Ebony – Limited Production…”

  1. Well we just got our m-Lores and I’ve spent the entire morning listening to them after about 24 hours burn in. They remind me off when I first walked into a room that had Maggies and I was unaware of what was coming. Speed and detail for days. Even on Apple TV Radio playing classical and opera, there is incredible holography and again, detail. With our Oppo 95 and Gainclone, they are simply spellbinding. And for $650.00?!?! They whip the pants off of our Meadowlark Shearwaters that we got rid of, and they were pretty fantastic speakers. $2200.00, by the way. Included spikes are also a pleasant surprise with their larger design and tight yet smooth threading. Binding posts are a solid, simple set. This is the best deal in a set of speakers I’ve ever encountered. Just a matter of time till we get the sub to go with them. Thanks Eric, we are in bliss!

  2. Alfredo Says:

    Hi Eric, can you still get the M-Lores in the Macassar Ebony?

  3. Mr. L. A. Graves Says:

    Hi Eric. I’d like to know if the Mini Lore Monitor are rear ported or non port, as I can see it’s not in the front?

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