New Seas Based Pendragon…

We are excited to announce the new Seas based Pendragon. Priced at $2500 a pair with free shipping inside the continental US.  Knowing the standard Pendragon can be a bit on the large size for some rooms it was intuitive to insure everyone have the option of owning a Pendragon.

The new Seas Pendragon is a modestly sized down version (40% to be exact) of the Pendragon series – with cabinet dimensions of: 50″ tall x 10″ wide and 13″ deep. We use audiophile grade dual 8″ transducers and triple ring radiator’s.  The result is stunning fidelity and resolution, 95dB SPL efficiency, true 30Hz-30khz linear response, a 4 Ohm final impedance.


Please call us directly to order.

Eric Alexander
Tekton Design, LLC


9 Responses to “New Seas Based Pendragon…”

  1. Brian Galbraith Says:

    So Eric, are there side by side notes for new buyers? What are the noted differences with a smaller profile yet upgraded components?

  2. Hi Eric,
    Are there any reviews on this model due in the near future?

  3. I, too, am very interested in a ‘closer to fideltiy’ version of the original Pendragons. Part Time Audiophile loved these, and I value his assessment. I would love to hear from some that have heard this ‘better’ version:) I am very interested, and the price is incredibly great.

  4. Eric,
    Will the Seas Pendragon be available with 8 ohms impedance? Also I would like to see the available enclosure options such as finish colors and veneers. Do you foresee an independent review in the near future? Any additional information that you could provide at this time would be of great help to msking a purchase decision.

    • Jim,

      The impedance will not change. However, I’m rating it as 4 Ohms and I have competitors calling their similar product 8 Ohms. It is a very save and benign 4 Ohm load and is closer to 6 Ohms on average.

      We can finish them a number of ways too – both in painted and veneer.

      We have a number of reviews lined up for the Seas Pendragon – Please stay tuned…

      Best regards,

      Eric Alexander
      Tekton Design, LLC

  5. I have a pair with over 500 hours on them. They blow me away every time I listen to music. Clear, clean, articulate with tight solid bass. Sound stage is huge and they’ll comfortably go much louder than I need them to. If you’re in Virginia, I’d be happy to let you come listen. I’m delighted with them and love to share.

    • Jim Hirsch Says:

      I have been patiently waiting to see a posting from someone who has actually experienced the new Seas Pendragon in real time and was pleased to read your very positive comments. I would like to ask if you could e-mail a photo of them because while the soundstage is paramount to me the appearance of them is more important to my wife. I presently have a pair of Altec Lansing speakers in home made cabinets that I put together in the 1970’s so she is “encouraging” my replacing them with new speakers that are aesthetically pleasing. It was so much easier doing things like this when we were first married if you know what I mean.
      Best Regards,
      Jim Hirsch

    • George Barberoglou Says:

      Jackson I live in Haymarket VA and would love to have a listen.

  6. […] Alexander sent me a pair of Tekton Designs Pendragon loudspeakers with the new SEAS driver layout. Heh heh, heh […]

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