Why you should consider Tekton Design…

“The perfect loudspeaker is one the most complex electro-mechanical-acoustical devices ever imagined. The design process is a nearly unimaginable, multi-faceted process that demands strict attention to every detail, and perfect execution of the system as a whole is nearly impossible to achieve! A world-class loudspeaker is arguably as hard to produce as any world-class musical instrument. Why are the 320-year-old Stradivarius violins still the reference by which all violins produced since then are measured? Here are a few reasons why… Stradivarius was an individual and not a large corporation. He was passionate. He was an artisan, a visionary, a craftsman, a genius. He was an attentive pupil. He was divinely inspired. He had the gift, and he obviously had a lot of closely guarded intellectual property. Likewise, loudspeakers are musical instruments, too. Now, where are you going to find loudspeakers (musical instruments) modeled after a pioneer like Stradivarius? You guessed it –Tekton Design! Tekton is the Greek work for craftsman — think “Arche-tekton”.”

Thank you for your consideration,

Eric Alexander
Tekton Design, LLC


3 Responses to “Why you should consider Tekton Design…”

  1. Steve Goldstein Says:

    I bought the Model Lores ($1000/pr) speakers, and just set them up this last weekend. They are absolutely amazing! I closed my eyes and beleived I was at the concert hall! I am powering them with a good but inexpensive Harmon-Kardon 3490 tuner/receiver, 120 watts. These speakers are so much better than anything else you can buy at your local audiophile store for anything near their price.

  2. Dave Elton Says:

    Around a week ago, I took delivery of a pair of lovely 8.1E’ns from Eric in His Walnut finish. Wonderful sounding upon first hook-up, they just get better and better. Vocals are clear, distinct, and very much “there” Low bass is now felt thru my feet, no annoying “mid-bass-hump” in Eric’s design to simulate it as so many speakers have. I have always been enamoured with single-driver designs, and these are fantastic. Anyone looking to get into the “FR-single driver world” needs to seriously consider these.

  3. Bob Jolliffe Says:

    Back in the day, I had a pair of Sound Dynamics 12s’s. Simple 2way 12 inch tweeter and a port. They sounded great, left them behind in divorce. Surround sound was in and I wanted to upgrade any way. I was shocked when I went shopping for speakers. Little cabinets with the speakers placed in the edges rather than the front, powered sub woofers to make up for the complete lack of bass. I bought 3 of these systems each a little improvement over the last but awful, all of them. No bass, low or mid. Hollow mid-range and incredibly shrill highs. Great for movies horrible for two channel.

    I was days away from buying a pair of hybrid electrostatics when I came upon some glowing reviews of the m-lore. Took a look at them, 1/3 the price of what I was about to spend so I gave Eric a call, he recommended the m-lores. I ordered a pair, and as I was waiting for them I was wondering what Eric could do with a sub woofer so I ordered one of those also.

    The m-lores arrived first. These speakers are incredible. I listen to heavy metal which is very demanding on speakers. The highs are crisp and smooth. Cymbal crashes and high hats are crisp, clear and cut through just as they should. Mid range is full and powerful. Vocals, guitars snare drums all sound right. Mid bass and bass are lightning fast and tight. I have never had a pair of speakers reproduce a double bass drum onslaught as well as these do.

    The best thing about the m-lore is that they are listenable. In the past I would be turning off the music after a few songs, I am once again listening to entire albums, because my ears don’t ache from bad frequencies.

    The sub-woofer is unlike most other subs, it’s not just for feeling every explosion in the movie, it is incredibly musical. It does what a sub should actually do and be an extension of the main speakers. When I was setting up the sub I started adjusting the cross over at the same frequency as my old one. What I discovered was that the Tekton sub could actually be crossed over about 60hz lower. What this does is allow the m-lores to really sharpen the bass. So I can hear the pedal slapping the bass drum and hear the plucking of the bass guitar strings. It, like the m-lores is also lightning fast. Oh and it does explosions really well also, it moves some air.

    I started out to fix my two channel listening which I did, and I have discovered that these are fantastic home theater speakers as well. These speakers are right. Thank you Eric for putting you knowledge skill and craftsmanship into making really really great sounding speakers that are truly affordable.

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