Tekton Lore – Perfect Bass…?!

I feel the need to shed more light on the low frequency section of the Lore Model Loudspeaker. Some are chatting that the bass is fantastic and others are claiming to discern it has something lacking when compared to other loudspeakers. Actually, closely examining the bass section of the Lore model will reveal that it is truly unrivaled in it’s entire pricing category ($2K and below)!

Pasted below is the low frequency 2pi frequency response curve of the Lore model – please study it carefully. Please take a minute to compare the data with your favorite brand and/or other manufacturer models (if you can even find their data). Now, if you can find a better, a more linear and accurate loudspeaker at this level of sensitivity (over 95+dB 1W@1m) that is entirely passive and un-equalized throughout the entire low frequency section in a full-range transducer based loudspeaker… my suggestion to you is to BUY IT!!!

Let me start by stating emphatically: the Tekton Design Lore loudspeaker has no peaking in the bass section of the frequency response – making this ideal for even the smallest sized rooms. We have posted an online video of the Lore operating effortlessly at 10Hz infra-sonically with 120 Watts RMS applied to it for an extend period of time. I’ve measured the in-room response to below 30Hz. The anechoic -10dB point is 32Hz. The anechoic -3dB point 38Hz. Both of these numbers were calculated from the adjacent flat line located @ 44Hz. Please note: many competitors allow for peaking (up to +3dB and beyond) in the response. This allows them to fudge the numbers in their favor and causes the speaker to look like it performs well to a lower level than it really does.

The Lore Model has a bass region frequency response that is tight to less than +/-.4dB deviation!! This extrapolates to extreme accuracy, detail, and incredible realism – all bass tones provided by the source are reproduced accurately and equal in output – some would call this a “reference” grade product. First impressions for a new listener could be compared to getting a breath of fresh air after you’ve just realized that you’ve been breathing smog tainted air for years!!

Please note: the data was taken from a fresh and crisp driver that has literally no break-in time on it. All of these numbers will only get better as time goes by!

Truly discerning bass performance and accuracy between competing models is a tall order. Here’s the problem: If (which is usually the case) a competing design has any amount of peaking in the low frequency section of the loudspeaker under an objective A vs B comparison the loudspeaker producing a peak in the bass response has the tendency to entice the listener into discerning that the design is offering up something (of both quantity and quality) more than it’s competing design – when in fact it does not.

Incredible measurements are a source of pride for me and I do rely on them to ground my products firmly in acoustical physics. However, convincing my listeners that they just might be experiencing the real event is what it is all about for me. Like my web site clearly states: It’s not just about the sound. It’s all about the sound!

Tekton Design will never offer a cool, fun, eye candy, engaging, enjoyable loudspeaker for audiophiles! Tekton Design is about accurately reproducing the original event! Tekton Design believes measurements are in fact extremely important to us and primarily serve to back up and support all of it’s performance claims. This insures you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

The only thing truly lacking in the bass section of the Lore loudspeaker is the peak – thank goodness!! Now, if room filling, peaky, boomy, omnipresent bass resonance is what you crave to get your fix… Just let me know 🙂


Eric Alexander
Tekton Design, LLC


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