The Tekton Design Lore


2 Responses to “The Tekton Design Lore”

  1. Nigel Marsh Says:

    I have been in audio 35 years and have never had a speaker impact me straight out of the box the way the Lore have.
    Musical ,huge sound stage, imaging and top to bottom warmth,impact and the live experience.
    What is really hard to believe is the price,So much performance at this level is mind blowing
    I have tried them with KT88 and 300B and both sound great
    Highly recomended,great job well done
    Nigel M,Toronto

  2. Wow, sounds impressive, would like to hear them in real some time.
    Could you please tell me which artist, and album that was? or email me?
    Thanks in advance.
    Greetings, Camilio

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