A New Tekton Design In The House…

I’m pleased to announce the new Tekton Design Lore.  A concept originally envisioned over 15 years ago has finally come to fruition! Lore is an exercise in high sensitivity, high output, direct radiating transducers (no horns aloud), with roots firmly grounded in pro audio and cross-platformed to dovetail into the world of hi-fi!

At the foundation is a matched set of tweaked world-famous (at least in professional music circles) Eminence Legend full-range transducers. Transducers that are on average 10dB higher in efficiency and capable of handling much higher Wattage than the conventional hi-fi transducer. When turned up, Lore has weighty house rattling, fast-attacking, and defined bass. Warm and full mid-range tones with stellar clear upper mid-range. On the flip side is the ability to produce all of the subtle nuances that demanding hi-fi requires. The design is topped off with the Audax Gold dome tweeter – about the best tweeter that can be purchased at any price.

I guarantee this is the best-sounding loudspeaker of its type that can be purchased!

I’m offering this model for a limited time (until it picks up some serious steam) at $850 + shipping. Blog comments welcomed… inquires welcomed… place your order today.


22 Responses to “A New Tekton Design In The House…”

  1. How does this speaker compare to the Uruz?

    • It definitely compares! I’m quite proud of both models. The Uruz design is the benchmark product. Uruz only has a slight edge due to the components used and it’s design layout.

      The goal with Lore is to introduce a loudspeaker that absolutely rocks! The Lore is so well executed and priced at a point that it must be considered!

      Thanks for being such a loyal customer and fan! I’ve got these at a totally sick price point for now… maybe you could get a set of these and provide us with your listening impressions!



  2. Minimum recommended input: 2 WRMS.
    Maximum recommend continuous: 250 WRMS
    Maximum dynamic input: 500 Watt (peak)

    Lore is comfortably driven with minimum Wattages (1-3 WRMS).

    Dynamic levels can be attained with as little as 8 WRMS

    I’m using 30 WPC valve (EL34-B) amplifier and I’m driving the Lore to live concert levels.

  3. So what you are saying Eric is that if one is financially clever one should go for the Lore model but if one wants the absolute best no matter the cost one should go for the Uruz? What about the KatZ Meow, where does it place itself compared to the Lore and the Uruz?

  4. Yes. The KatZ Meow as a Uruz mini-me.

  5. i was wondering what type of music are they good with ,,??

    • I would consider them to be ideal for all types of dynamic music (Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, etc..). I have also evaluated them with every type (music style) of audiophile recording I have and have been very pleased with results!

  6. is the price the same fopr all the finnishes??

  7. Subtlety, image width & depth ? Can the Lore do classical music ? Movie Sound tracks with the spaciousness of a theater ? And do I need a tube amplifier to ‘calm them down’ ? I have an Arcam AV 350 HT receiver.

    • In my opinion, high efficiency loudspeakers do “subtlety” better than any other type. Image and depth are nice, however, the KatZ Meow and Uruz are a little better because of their configurations. Yes, the Lore absolutely can do classical music. Most tube amps would definitely calm them down a little. Your Arcam has the potential to positively ROCK this speaker!

  8. Hi,

    I am using an integrated tube amplifier (4xKT88). Will Lore be a good match with my amplifier for classical (orchestra / chamber), vocal & jazz?

    Does it come with the stand spikes? How much more if I want the black gloss or white gloss finish?

  9. I had the chance to borrow a pair of Zu Superflys at three times the price of the Lore speakers.
    I asked my wife does she think there is something wrong with them?
    My conclusion was and still is they had a very flat frequency and did not play very low and the tweeter was hard to listen to for long periods because it was so bright—not impressed.
    The Lore is leaps and bounds ahead of the Super Fly in my humble opinion

  10. Hi,

    Could you tell me your opinion about driving the Lore with a small class D amplifier ?
    As I’m a bit in the Diy league, I own some of them, from 12 to 20 and until 60 WPC/8 Ohms.


  11. sebrof Says:

    I have owned Zu Omens since December 2010 and really like them. I run them with a 2A3 SET and I have put a lot of time into finding the right positioning, tubes, etc. to get them to sound great. I got a pair of Lores a little over a week ago and already…WOW. I amy very impressed. These speakers are the real deal regardless of price.
    I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to link from here to a website but if not then I guess Eric or the moderator can delete or whatever. Here’s a link to a very long thread on Audiogon where I have come full circle from defending the Omens to “seeing the light.” Let’s just say that the Lores just do music right and are clean and a lot of fun to listen to. :http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?cspkr&1286073654&openfrom&222&4#222

  12. Don Witherell Says:

    I just found out about the Model Lore ‘s on a review in Home Theater Review, they sound fantastic, did not know this company existed until tonight, I had been interested in Zu Audio speakers but not anymore, a question I have is can I use my Denon receiver to power the Lore’s , I do not own any tube type amps and do not have the money to purchase at this time.

    thanks for reading.


    • Hello Don. I tried my Lores with a ’79 vintage Yamaha receiver and was surprised at how good they sounded. I normally use a 2A3 SET and a PP EL84 amp which i like more, but the Yamaha still sounds great. Don’t know how your Denon compares to my Yamaha but I’d say you will not have an issue.

  13. Don,
    Although I do not own any Tekton speakers, if the Lore can be driven by 12 watts, your Denon can surely drive them.

  14. Don Witherell Says:

    thanks for all your replies, just bought an oppo bdp 93 for x-mas, but the Lores are still on my radar screen, great pricing and sound as well


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