Updated KatZ Meow…

I’m thrilled to announce completion of the updated KatZ Meow system. The KatZ Meow is the culmination of decades of loudspeaker product development and engineering, wrapped in a single package. It is an exercise in incorporating only the most desirable traits of classic full-range design. This redesign incorporates new transducers and a new forward-thinking, proprietary cabinet technology – a technology that improves efficiency and fidelity across the entire bass spectrum. The bass extension is lowered an average of half of a full octave and produces an additional 5dB output at the cut-off knee.

Now, if you’re not into the science of it all, please understand that deep and proper bass weighting is the Achilles’ heel of the full-range loudspeaker (more to come on this at a later date). This is why so many full range designs simply incorporate giant horns. Unfortunately, horns of all sizes and shapes hardly qualify as top-class fidelity reproducers. They are hardly linear. They degrade the stereo image and the spatial depth of the presentation, all of which are necessities if world-class hi-fi is your goal. Our proprietary design produces the most accurate and believable bass you’ve ever heard. And it’s not just the deep bass; it’s the full bandwidth of bass frequencies and the mid-bass, too!

Preliminary specifications:

  • 8” Fostex Sigma transducer
  • Audax Gold tweeter
  • Time-aligned design
  • Proprietary X-over network (pure, minimalistic design)
  • Proprietary bass cabinet
  • 96db 1W@1M, 8 Ohm impedance, 40Hz-30kHz frequency response
  • Dimensions: 33.5” tall x 10” wide x 11” deep
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • $2K Pair

One Response to “Updated KatZ Meow…”

  1. These look very nice. As I was auditioning the earlier version of the Katz I was very tempted to try a pair of the new Katz, but I was so happy with what I was hearing I decided not to. Needless to say I kept the pair I was auditioning – Perfect match with my DIY 2A3 SET.
    These new ones can’t be that much better…can they??

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