Tekton Design – URUZ Measurements Published!!

I’m very proud of the level of engineering execution we’ve achieved regarding the Uruz loudspeaker. The Uruz model truly raises the bar to a new level of performance in the high sensitivity direct radiator loudspeaker category.

And now that the new Zu Essence measurement data is in the public domain (view it online — October 2009 Stereophile review), I’ve chosen to go public with Uruz performance data. After all, both loudspeakers are geared towards an identical audience. Both systems use nearly identical 10” drivers (though I choose not to implement the phase plug modification), and they both use ribbons.

Here’s what the URUZ promises to deliver:

  • Superior frequency response linearity +/-3dB (competitors design is +/-10dB variance)
  • Improved impedance linearity
  • Superior phase response
  • A true 8 Ohm system – with a Z-minimum of 6.16 Ohm
  • Superior impulse response & step response
  • A near identical sensitivity SPL performance rating
  • Only 2 components in the audio signal path!!

Best regards,

Eric Alexander


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