Home Theater System Now In Production…




Tekton Design FE126E - 10 inch Subwoofer

I’m excited to share with you a new Fostex FE126E & dual 10-inch subwoofer home theater system! Truly great sound! A few advantages here are high sensitivity – 96dB average SPL – it’s guaranteed to play loud, go deep, and sound genuinely realistic! The true full-range design provides full-range audio with precisely controlled directivity (this type of approach will yield about the most realistic/believable sound field possible). Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Many more images and a full set of specifications & measurements to be posted soon! Please give us a few days to get everything up on the web site.

Pricing is planned to be $1500 – $2000 (depending on options).

If you’re planning a purchase to be timed with the holiday season, now is the time to inquire –  pre-order your gear today!




6 Responses to “Home Theater System Now In Production…”

  1. Hey Eric:

    Those pics look EXACTLY like the 5.2 set you sent me! 😉 Everything is set up except the rear channels for wont of a bit of extra wire that’s coming in the mail as I type this. The blog entry you made on speaker break-in is great and as soon as we get everything wired the pink noise will be running whenever we’re out of the house. That said it’s a lot of fun to hear a dual sub set-up right out of the box.

    I’m hooking everything up to a Harman Kardon AVR 354 and will run the HT program after all speakers are wired so the receiver can set the timing and SPL.

    The fit and finish of the 5.2 system is very very nice indeed and I just can’t imagine any other custom speaker maker coming close to your craftsmanship at this price point. The optional grilles are a perfect fit and look very nice. And the satin black finish is perfect right now with a toddler toting crayons running around the house.

    I’ll stop back by your blog and leave comments on how things are running as the break-in progresses.

    Thanks for all your great communication and help with the system and set-up.

    My Best,

  2. Eric,

    Where would these speakers fit in between the Models 81en, 65t, and 81t? The closest model seems to be the 81en but the HT speaker appear to be taller, narrower, and the driver appears to be altogether different.

    The subs are not the same as those offered with the OB4.5 so any help here would also be appreciated.

    Also, do you, or will you, make matching stands?

    Since it appears that you do custom work, I suppose that other finishes or veneers are available?

    Thank you.

    • Michael,

      This set is specifically intended for home theater, so they don’t have much in common with the other models. The subs here are a 10 inch version and the OB4.5 uses an 8 inch model.

      We discontinued most stand building a few years ago (occasionally I make exceptions) and I limit my custom work as well – I don’t do a custom job unless it really catches my attention and it must be well grounded loudspeaker theory to be considered.

      All colors of painted finishes and veneers would be available here.


      Eric Alexander

      • Did you post specs and measurements in some other blog entry? In what way is this set specifically intended for HT use?

        I guess I am trying to figure out how these speakers compare to your other stand-mounts.


  3. I mean, aside from the subs….

  4. …and center channel.

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