Tekton Design 8.1T Measurements

8-1T Frequency Response

8-1T Phase and Impedance

Please note: A quick bit of research on the web (search past reviews for published frequency response curves) and you will immediately discover that our 8.1T loudspeaker outperforms the Klipsch RB-81 8 inch monitor. Our overall frequency response is tighter and is more linear. The –3dB frequency is lower. And most importantly… the 8.1T has more bass output and its efficiency is focused to the bass region (right where it’s needed)!

Proper bass weighting is the Achilles heel of every claimed higher output loudspeaker intended to drive the low/medium Wattage Tripath type amplifier.


3 Responses to “Tekton Design 8.1T Measurements”

  1. Thomas Stone Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Just a note to let you know that I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with these speakers. They exceed my expectations! They sound absolutely wonderful with my Kingrex tripath system. I will, without reservation, spread the word of your exceptional craftsmanship. Thanks so much…

    Tom Stone

  2. Has anyone tried these with Decware SE84 amps? On paper, seems like a match made in heaven.

  3. Rick Hemann Says:

    I was looking for an 8″ two-way for a long time and settled on these although there were not too many reviews. I’ve had a pair of 8.1T for over six months and am amazed every day. I can’t help but think that’s the way the artist intended the music to sound. These speakers , without a subwoofer, easily replace a pair of “consumer-grade” Polk monitors with a 10″ subwoofer. The Polks reproduced the sound, these 8.1Ts make music. It’s all there, including the bass is there and it is real, not boomy. I was hoping to get the speaker equivalent of my Alessandro MS-1 headphones, these are as good or better. My brother, who has operated a succesful recording studio for over 30 years, really liked them. He described them as ward and laid back. I mentioned making some stands to get them off the floor a few inches, he said he would not do anything that might change the sound.

    These are a little bigger than bookshelf speaker but if you have the room, you won’t be disappointed. Mine are in a 12×12 bedroom on either side of a dresser. My amp tone controls are bypassed.

    I got the standard black finish and standard binding posts. The workmanship and finish are flawless, not to mention amazing sound and made in the USA. I’m totally pleased with these speakers.

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